nenets autonomous okrug
My Arctic
Brand for local touroperator
Sharp as an ice shard, yet flexible as a rubber band — MyArctic identity is a one big showcase of the fabulous arctic piece of art — font Halunke by awesome Iceland type designer, Elena Schneider, who agreed to help and make a cyrillic version of her new font, when we asked her for help.
Halunke font by Elena Schneider is at the heart of the brand
Compact version of the logo
Idea is that the phrase "My Arctic" can be easily extended into the unique one, that could reflect the true feeling from the experience. All expeditions are named according to the corresponding titles, that name Arctic in its way: some want it freezing, some extreme, some, on the contrary, warm. It makes all expeditions names look very memorable and recognizable to the brand. This unique logo then is printed on a flag and is presented at the end of the trip.
All logos became unique with a definition inside
Twist it, pull it, flick it, spin it!
Natalia, our son and me on the two-day trip to Indiga and back with a broken canopy glass
halunke font
It is that case when you ask yourself who's gotta get all the credits for the design — you or the awesome type designer, who made all that work for you.
Halunke by awesome Elena Schneider
Awesome typographic posters made with a single type
Tundra surface either looks like a painting of a contemporary artist or a rusty surface of a bucket when flying upon it on a plane. This is why we use abstract backgrounds in the design, that resemble these birdviews on the few ones were lucky to experience.
The most difficult was to introduce the design to my partner, who was born nenets and can't see all the adventages of the design. So the overall design is only partly used in social media mostly.
Natalia Rybalchenko

Igor Makovsky

Elena Schneider
Halunke type designer

Oleg Matsuev
Siberian type designer

All photos belong to MyArctic
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