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Naryan-Mar Map
Unique map with local stories and non-official house names of Naryan-Mar created together with city residents.
Iceberg, Orange, Dollar, Yellow House, Chinese Wall and the Red Riding Hood. What brings together all these things? Naryan-Mar, the capital city of NAO and its inhabitants call the houses they live in a very non-formal manner that we wanted to share with the world. It was such a successful project that a year later they even wrote a book of town legends based on it.
Not a single building in Naryan-Mar remained unnoticed. The most difficult was to capture the roof colors.
Igor Makovsky, designer (Asmysl)
We've presented our map to the public on the main town square on the city day, 15 september in 2019 together, right when the Tundra Fest took place.
It all started with a round table with the city residents, who helped us to put all the interesting stories on the list and described them a bit.
Then we've put it on the interactive map, added some photos and descriptions. Photographers from Naryan Mar contributed a lot.
White bricks went short when the house was built so the last level had been built with the red ones. That's how it got its name — the Red Riding Hood.
Katherine Nikolaeva
We love to put our maps online. Here you can check it on together with a source (click top-left link)
Meet all these stories at the local "Naryan City" cafe (former "Artishock") with our map elements implemented in its interior. Don't forget to check the menu — some positions are named after city houses.
As always, we use elements from the map as the base for creating all kinds of souvenirs: badges, cups, plates and even plaids to warm your heart:
And this is the book by awesome, published in Naryan-Mar lately that is following the ideas of incredible house names, started on our map. It consists of background stories of each one. It became a souvenir and is widely appreciated by tourists. The story really lives without our participating.
We immediately thought about creating a city tourist route based on this map idea.
The best thing is that it lives!
Funny story on Pikabu (read here)
Newly installed information stand right across the town administration (2021). More here (in russian)
Elena Ermolina

Natalia Rybalchenko

Igor Makovsky
Art, Design
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