nenets autonomous okrug
Nel'min Nos Map
Find your way through the rythms of tundra.
Tourist map for the ethnic village on a special nenets tambourine. Can be used as a souvenir and the useful functional instrument to find your way in two variants: the full colored and its simplified version.
Combining traditional elements together with modern design instruments is the core concept here.
That's us talking about the future map — you can see the current map in the right-bottom corner.
This map will be used as a part of a wayfinding system currently being developed and waiting to be installed.
Don't forget to check the full project about the brand and the wayfinding system developed by us in parallel.
Natalia Rybalchenko
Founder, Brand-strategist

Igor Makovsky

Oleg Matsuev (Omtype)
Siberian font
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