perm krai
Stroganovs, Suksun and Ocher
Three posters to show the goodies you'll get visiting three sites in Perm Krai. Three days, made in three days.
stroganov cluster,
day 1
and the tea party,
day 2
the perm period park
day 3
Natalia Rybalchenko
Founder, Brand-strategist

Igor Makovsky
Art and design
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Moscow Oblast
  1. Snova Cafe — New Jerusalem Museum
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Tyumen Oblast
Tobolsk Design Code — KB Strelka collab

Kursk Oblast
Kurchatov Town Brand

Smolensk Oblast

Desnogorsk Town Brand

Udmurt Republic
Sarapul Map that made its way to souvenirs, candies and interior design

Vladimir Oblast
  1. Suzdal Brand
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Vologodskaya Oblast
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Leningradskaya Oblast
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Kaluga Oblast
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Perm Krai
  1. Stroganovs, Suksun and Ocher Travel Maps
  2. Molebka‚ the UFO contact site
  3. Khokhlovka Museum Brand

Rostovskaya Oblast
Kazachie Receipts Food Brand

Belarus Republic
  1. Yarki Park-hotel — Brand
  2. Yarki Park-hotel — Website
  3. Yarki Park-hotel — Map and Wayfinding
  4. Vynakhodniki Graphical Design

Dagestan Republic
  1. Matlas All-Season Tourist Hotel
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Projects in Russia
  1. Small Town Best Practices
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