nenets autonomous okrug
The food festival with the taste of tundra
We helped to organize the first food festival, that had to broaden the view of the local restaurateurs and Naryan-Mar residents about the potential of using local products when preparing meals and in menus. This also had to become a great newsbreak across the northern russian regions, and a lot of guests were invited from the nearby regions, Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Tundrafest immediately became one of the important tourist activator events and we made it an annual event.
Elena Ermolina
Main concept was shown in the logo of the festival and it repeats the minimalism idea of the whole region: all gastronomy is actually based on three core elements: meat, fish and wildberries.
Tundra festival logo
Minimalistic version of a logo
Deer, fish, wildberries. Breakfast, dinner, supper. First, second, third course
Red square is for meat
You can't imagine Nenets people without a deer. All the local culture is deeply connected with this animal and you can never go wrong if you order some deer meet in the local cousine.
Blue triangle is for fish
Nenets people are mostly all are fishermen in this or that way. Pechenga river, that flows across the region is famous for its salmon. Endless lakes across its waste territory were attracting people even before it became mainstream.
Warm circle is for wildberries
Short summer offers people almost endless amounts of berries in tundra. Be sure to visit tundra in the early september days and you won't miss yellow fields of cloudberries, that became an unofficial symbol of far russian arctic north.
Photo by Paul
Photo by Oliver
Photo by Leo
Photo by Fabrice
Some elements had been invented without our brandbook, like, for example, this logoish street table.

Region map with an emphasis on gastronomy served as an interactive board on the festival.
interactive gastro map
The map used to be quiet interactive. People had to write down their own special receipts and put it on a map right next to the place this receipt came from. This was the beginning of the later developed project — the gastronomical map of NAO. People quite liked it, though, looks like, they mostly thought of this map like a comment section of a festival and wrote down their emotions and thoughts. Well, that's not bad.

We try to include such interactive activity, that unites town residents. When people are asked to share something their have, you could really be sure to get more positive feedback. Usually you get a lot of nice responses — people offer their help, leave you contact info and help in the further work.
here is our plan:
Invite the best chiefs from the best arctic restaurants from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities to Naryan-Mar — to show that local food isn't boring, yet trendy, fancy and tasty.
tundrafest communication
— I'm the berry and I have nothing to tell you.

— You're my deer!
— Cow dare you are!

— I'm not a hen and I can prove it.

— 2 days left till the festival starts and we don't have to be late like it was the last time.
— Will you be the first one to enter the goose hunt festival too, dear?

— By the will of the spike, do as I like: please let me be inedible one.

— The smelt festival wasn't the best for me, I doubt it'll be better here.
— Why you always so clingy?
I will eat you on the main square
We've developed a nice first promo that soon became a well-made template for the new Tundra festivals. This page used to promote the fest and tell people about all the news about the current event list. Good news was that there were a lot of edits and changes here and there and tilda helped to save time and let our clients change everything on their side because of the easy administrating.
Festival guests
Take a sip of social approvements
Tundrafest instagram account tells tasty stories since 2019 and has more than 4,000 followers which is not so bad for a region, where there are only 20,000 residents live. Check for this awesome instagram here. As always, it's always a pleasure, that it's style is living without any help from our side.
Book of receipts
Great news came later when a whole brand new book of NAO receipts was published! All in our philosophy, even with some addition to the illustrations (which is rare). We were really happy, that the product became so good. The whole project is pretty nice presented here:

The paper book is outstandingly useful and shares our design without loosing a single spoon.
People are taking photos with the book on the presentation evening in "Kochevnik" restaurant.
Three restaurants, three core food elements, three letters in the region title. It can't happen by accident.
As was told before, the book is based on the main three core elements of nenets food and speaks about the main three restaurants that share that philosophy. One offers the best meat, the second one is all about fish and the third one — you've guessed it — serves some delicious wildberries, mushrooms and what's not. Don't miss and buy one for yourself.
— We'd better tell them more about fish receipts, Carl!
Gastronomical pattern
Elena Ermolina

Natalia Rybalchenko
Festival idea, organization, strategy

Igor Makovsky
Design, illustrations

CSTM Fonts
Druk font
Thank you for the meal, can I stand up already?
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