Made in Arctic 2015
Hand-crafted tourism forum branding
Made in Arctic is the annual tourist business forum for the people involved in developing tourism processes. They are entrepreneurs, business community, municiples, farmers, cafe and restaurant managers. It was founded in 2014 and the second one meeting where we had been invited was discussing the gastronomic topic, so the event had two titles: "Made in Arctic" following with "The Taste of Arctic". Design concept was to show the handcrafted style of everything being made in Murmansk, like it usually is everywhere, when there is yet not enough finances and everything is held in the hands of enthusiasts.

Client: Murmansk Committee of Tourism

Work: vist, speech, branding, map design, illustrations

Tourist map
It was a tough time to make such a large hand-drawn map from skratch without making rough mistakes in geography. But we had to stick to the concept of the hand crafted style and nobody promised it would be an easy path to begin.
Tourist map of Murmanskaya Oblast
How it was
Forum took place in november, 2015 in the Meridian Hotel in Murmansk. We had been participating with a team of two: Natalia and Ivan Vetrov.
  • Natalia Rybalchenko
    Strategy, speaker
  • Ivan Vetrov
    Art director, designer
  • Anna Popova
    Manager, organizer
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