We create brand strategies for places and develop local projects since 2012.
"What's the sense?" — we ask ourselves in every new project, diving into an essence of a place. We ask the question to citizens, local entrepreneurs, and governors, ethnographers, artists, visitors, and thus we reveal identities and roots of places. Together we create meaningful stories and tell them through participatory maps, business, social and cultural projects, and through books, guides, online and offline museums, and other craft initiatives that finally make a change.
Russia, Nenets Autonomous Okrug
hings that matter. When all projects work together as a team.
  1. Research and brand strategy
  2. NAO map
  3. Naryan-Mar Map Full of Local Stories
  4. My Arctic — arctic tourist agency brand
  5. Nel'min-Nos brand and wayfinding system
  6. Nel'min-Nos map
  7. Pustozersk Museum Reserve Branding and Strategy
  8. Naryan-Mar tourist route map
  9. Mascot creation and storytelling
  10. Tundra merch branding
  11. Under One Sun — museum association brand
  12. Tundrafest — Local food festival
  13. Narey — local fashion and cultural brandBritish Higher School of Design and Art collab
  14. Nenets Lore Museum Identity
  15. Telviska Museum of Emptiness Branding and Strategy
  16. Indiga River and Fish Festival Branding
  17. Ustie Village Map and Branding
  18. Bolshukha Hill — local theme park
  19. Naryan-Mar Art Objects Concept
  20. Naryan-Mar Simulator 3D
  21. Frigate in Pustozersk Hotel and Restaurant Brand and Strategy
  22. Pechora River Map
  23. Naryan-Mar Wayfinding
  24. Pustozersk Maps of Past and Present Time
Pechegsky District
Russia, Murmansk Oblast
Kola super deep tourism
Pechengsky District
  1. Niiiiiiiikel — the way Nikel rebuilds its economy on the way to Scandinavia
  2. Niiiiiiiikel Mascots Rock!
  3. Series of tourist maps for Pechenga District
  4. Wayfinding system for Niiiiiiiiikel
  5. Niiiiiikel festival branding
Belomorie Tourism Cluster
Russia, Murmansk Oblast
Two shores of the White Sea
Russia, Murmansk Oblast
Lakes around Nornickel metallurgist town
  1. Monchegorsk brand — Round and About lakes
  2. Monchegorsk interactive designcode
  3. Monchegorsk and Monchetundra maps
  4. Imandra Fest. All-year-round local sport and fun town festivals
  5. Artdirecton for Monchegorsk tourism portal
  6. Imandra Festival — NordBeach Party 2022
  7. Social video project "Lakes Around Me"
  8. Brusnika local restaurant branding
  9. Imandra Family — the Monchegorsk lake mascots
  10. Brovtsev Park Wayfinding system
  11. Monchegorsk at Inturmarket 2022 in Moscow
  12. Kolskiy Sanatorium Branding
  13. Monchegorsk official 85 years anniversary branding
  14. Monchegorsk interactive communicating strategy
Russia, Taimyr Peninsula
Game changers of the Arctic
  1. Taimyr Tourist Arctic Cluster brand and strategy
  2. CoFo Peshka Font (Taimyr edition)
  3. Expedition to Pronchisheva Bay 2020
  4. Expedition to Cape Cheluskin 2021
  5. MITT in Moscow 2021
  6. Enisei Expo in Krasnodar 2021
  7. Ol-Gul Tourist Complex Wayfinding System
  8. MITT in Moscow 2022
  9. Taimyr merch 2022
Arkhangelskaya Oblast Brands
Russia, Arkhangelskaya Oblast
Home of Architecture and Archbrands mixed with Salt and Cranberries
  1. Arkhangelsk Oblast — Strategy and Branding
  2. Arkhangelsk — Arkhitype Font
  3. Arkhangelsk — 80 Years Anniversary Exposition and Map
  4. Kargopol Familia Tourist Cluster
  5. Solvychegodsk — Strategy and Brand
  6. Solvychegodsk — Map and Wayfinding
  7. Solvychegodsk — Sanatorium Architectural Concept
  8. Pinezhie — Strategy and Brand
  9. Pinezhie — Maps and Wayfinding
  10. Pinezhie — Architectural Infostands
  11. Lomonosov Island — Strategy and Branding
  12. Lomonosov Island — Map and Wayfinding
  13. Severnoye Trekhrechye — Strategy and Branding
  14. Severnoye Trekhrechye — Krasnoborsk Tourism Development
  15. Severnoye Trekhrechye — Font
And many other projects across Russia and CIS.
  1. Maraphon Communications Map
  2. Kuskovo Park Brand
  3. Wayfinding for Small Towns book — KB Strelka collab

Moscow Oblast
  1. Snova Cafe — New Jerusalem Museum
  2. New Jerusalem — Pilgrimage Wayfinding
  3. Orange Guide — Moscow Oblast
  4. Sergiev Posad Wayfinding — KB Strelka collab
  5. Benzar Gas Station with tourist potential
  6. Moscow Oblast Tourist Map
  7. Russian Taste — International Food Festival in Moscow Oblast

Tyumen Oblast
Tobolsk Design Code — KB Strelka collab

Kursk Oblast
Kurchatov Town Brand

Smolensk Oblast

Desnogorsk Town Brand

Udmurt Republic
Sarapul Map that made its way to souvenirs, candies and interior design

Vladimir Oblast
  1. Suzdal Brand
  2. Palace Factory
  3. Ogurets Restaurant

Vologodskaya Oblast
  1. Blagoveshenskaya Starina — Samovar Museum Catalogue
  2. Blagoveshenskaya Starina — Samovar Museum Web

Leningradskaya Oblast
  1. SyasStroy Brand Strategy and Map
  2. Kuzemkino — Social Center Brand

Kaluga Oblast
  1. Tarussa Brand Inspires on Making the Best Brandbooks
  2. Forest Cuisine Brand

Perm Krai
  1. Stroganovs, Suksun and Ocher Travel Maps
  2. Molebka‚ the UFO contact site
  3. Khokhlovka Museum Brand

Rostovskaya Oblast
Kazachie Receipts Food Brand

Belarus Republic
  1. Yarki Park-hotel — Brand
  2. Yarki Park-hotel — Website
  3. Yarki Park-hotel — Map and Wayfinding
  4. Vynakhodniki Graphical Design

Dagestan Republic
  1. Matlas All-Season Tourist Hotel
  2. Kaspiy — Smart City Concept

Projects in Russia
  1. Small Town Best Practices
  2. Association of Small Cities in Russia
  3. Association of Small Cities in Russia — website

Murmansk Oblast

Taste of Arctic food festival
About us
We believe, that if a place gets its true meaning and strategy of how to evolve, it becomes interesting for citizens, new citizens, visitors, investors. Thus, they have more reasons to come, stay, and make their place better.

Not only do we change places, but places also change us for good. Once we fell in love with North and created brands for more than 20 northern places. Almost every member of our team has a fragment of the northern identity — Pomors and Norwegian. North makes us resilient, attentive to tiny but significant things, and to "stay together because thus it is warmer".

Local people guide us through their places and together we co-create maps. Maps can embrace social, cultural, culinary, architectural, historical, business, and all other senses of a place. And this is a collaborative process. That's why we love maps. Take a trip with one of our maps.
Natalia Rybalchenko
Founder, Brand strategist
linkedin: nataliarybalchenko
telegram: @natalia_rybalchenko

Igor Makovsky
Founder, Art Direction, Designer
linkedin: igormakovsky
telegram: @igormakovsky

Ekaterina Antoshkina
Designer, illustrator
instagram: @ukusi_za_hvost

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CSTM — type foundry
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Oleg Matsuev — type designer
Ivan Vetrov — designer
Olga Baturina — marketing professional
Russia Discovery
British School of Design

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Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
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