Kargopol Familia garden

New life to old historical garden signage system

Kargopol is the historical small town on the shores of Onega river in Arkhangelsk Oblast that cares about history big and small details. Small like seeds of traditional herbs, vegetables that had been used for cooking local gastronomical dishes.

One of the active residents in Kargopol, Maria Klocheva, mostly known as Marusya, has estabilished a creative space Marusin Dom after one of our consultaions, where she offers lots of unique events, like tea parties, historic perfomances, workshops and even some who knows what mysterious rituals. There is a large garden next to it, where Marusya recreated an open for visit garden, where tourists can get familiar with the traditional plants and herbs that had been widespread among the residents of Kargopol centuries before.

Client: Local entrepreneur, hostess of Marusin Dom space, Maria Klocheva

Work: research, branding, design

Status: active

Historical event, where Maria Klocheva is inspired by Natalia in creating her own Marusin Dom space in 2015
The main idea of the project is to get acquainted with the traditions and secrets of plant cultivation in Kargopol, sharing experience and recipes for cooking dishes from vegetables, herbs and fruits.
Maria Klocheva
Following the guidelines of Familia cluster, we've created earlier in 2016, we've designed a set of icons to be placed on the signs according to six type of plants. Then we've made 35 signs with all the needed content. Result appeared to be clear and looked noble.
  • Edible herbs
  • Edible roots
  • Pod plants
  • Cabbage plants
  • Fragrant plants
  • Other garden plants
Set of 35 signs had been prepared to be installed
Going to the garden
The most important part was to install the signs. We couldn't help ourselves and got to Kargopol in the early autumn in 2021 to do it ourselves with the whole team. Have learned the plant titles by heart and learned what the historical plants behind those names look like.
Manual installation of the signage system is the most important part of this project
There are "gastronomic experiments" for local residents and guests of Kargopol: workshops on preparation of traditional Kargopol dishes using own products. Last time we have made Zucchini and tuna. In the future, I would like to install a pergola with a stove in the yard, so that it would be possible to bake pancakes and drink tea from fragrant and aromatic herbs picked right on the beds.
Maria Klocheva
  • Natalia Rybalchenko
    Brand strategist, researcher
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art director
  • Kate Antoshkina
  • Mark Makovsky
    Expert on infant tourism
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