Solvychegodsk brand

The salternative town that has some questions to ask

Solvychegodsk is that hidden piece of salt you would never forget. It is located among the woods to the southeast of vast Arkhangelsk region, just by the Vychegda river, a bit to the east from Kotlas. Little people have heard of its existence. That is expected, as there are even less population living in it: barely makes it to 2K. Such inpopularity has paid off in keeping town out of urban impact: almost no graphical garbage outdoors, brilliant safety of architecture, that made its way since the mighty and well-known dynasty of Stroganovs, merchants and start-upers of their time with a salt making empire. The sudden visit of this town during the field research of Severnoe Trekhrechie brand, has made a head blown effect on our team.

Client: Ministry of Culture of Arkhangelsk Oblast

Work: research, branding, guidelines, design, maps

2020 … 2022
Tasting salt
As most of residents tend to say lately, time flows slower in Solvychegodsk. We can confirm. It took more than three years for the town community since our first visit to town to be more or less ready for the changes to be launched.
Introducing Kate to Solvychegodsk
And vice versa. Every project with a map starts with a few days walking around the town. In this particular case it didn't take long: as was told before, Solvychegodsk is among the smallest town in Russia if not the most. For having deepest emotions, we've spend plenty of time with the museum director, Maxim Chernykh and his wife, Maria, who is the high qualified restorer. Inspecting the existing maps of the town gave an obvious thought, that the art of map design degraded significantly for the past half of millenium.
Exploring Solvychegodsk together with Kate Antoshkina and the married couple of the museum director and his wife, the restorer.
Salty slogan
What's your salt?
Literal translation for «В чём твоя соль?», which stands for "What are you?"
Salty identity
Humble, yet noble black map is standing out on the green street
The annual Saltfest is somewhat like a unified set of events that took part right in the middle of summer in Solvychegodsk and include the town day, Kozma Prutkov art festival, and some others. It inherits the town branding guidelines with appropriate additions to it. The festival is curated by the team from Arkhangelsk.
Be sure to give Solvychegodsk a visit on the annual Saltfest at the middle of the summer
Town guidelines
Important part of the project was the global work on creation the town guidelines, that streamlined interrelated using of materials, adress plates, signs, fonts, colors used, etc. We have compiled the complex document, where no details remained unnoticed. More info on this project can be read in the article on the Solvyechegodsk town guidelines.
Solvychegodsk town guidelines online
Support of the local business
Brand is highly supported by the local community of entrepreneurs and administration units, that had been part of the coordination process and thus can proudly be counted as co-authors of the brand. There are 3 major supporters as of 2023:
1. The historical sanatorium
Following the town brand, the local century-old mud bath historical sanatorium, has launched a gradual design and architectural renewal. Many people have heard about Solvychegodsk only because of it. We've developed a private brandbook, fully based on the town branding guidelines. The renovation was planned for the 100th anniversary of the sanatorium.
New Solvychegodsk sanatorium anniversary logo
Illustrated logo is using illustrations from the map
Some merch, some broschures and illustrated vk
A lot of work on the architectural work of the renewal of the morally outdated soviet sanatorium has been done by the new administration and the team. Architectural work was made by the local architect, Andrey Semakin. Something is already done as of 2023, whilst other is still in plans to be done later.
One hundred years old historical sanatorium is
2. The Zemsky guesthouse
The former hospital complex left no more, then a set of picturesque houses, that was carefully saved and reconstructed by Ekaterina Serykh.
Zemsky guesthouse logo
No better place to stay rather than Katya Serykh' Zemsky guest house
3. The Museum
The former hospital complex left no more, then a set of picturesque houses, that was carefully saved and reconstructed by
Natalia Rybalchenko
Igor Makovsky
Solvychegodsk today
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Left-to-right: Tatiana Alekseeva, Sasha Novikova, Natalia Rybalchenko with Mark Makovsky on hands, Igor Makovsky
  • Natalia Rybalchenko
    Brand strategist, researcher
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art director, designer
  • Katya Antoshkina
  • Daria Cohen
    Zangezi type
  • Tatiana Alekseeva,
    Sasha Novikova
    Thanks for support
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