Solvychegodsk map

The salternative town that asks you questions

Solvychegodsk is one of the smallest towns in Russia with one of the largest lifetime history to tell. The famous dynasty of Stroganovs who had been saltmakers, merchants and start-upers of their time, have established the international harbour town here. We have

Client: Ministry of Culture of Arkhangelsk Oblast

Work: map design

2021 … 2022
Creating map together
The contents of the map had beed discussed on the town meeting with several entrepreneurs, administraion and those concerned.
Entrepreneurs, administration and social care workers discuss the contents of the future map in the local library
Salternative maps
We've created several maps during the next year. The first one was more rich with lots of details and elements: we could not stop but to display everything. The second one was remade significantly and looks way clearer, here it is:
Solvychegodsk tourist map
The way map looks inside the existed Solvychegodsk framing constructions
First Solvychegodsk map was quite overwhelming with details and hard to navigate
Entrepreneur maps
As an example of further using of the map, here is the one we've prepared for the Solvychegodsk mud bath sanatorium. Most of the details had been wiped out, but the ones most important tourist attractors and those being parts of the sanatorium itself. Other than that, we've turned it 90° clockwise.
Local Solvychegodsk sanatorium has its own map
Wayfinding elements
Elements from the map has became the basis for the universally used patterns.
Adminisitrative wayfinding elements
Elements from the map has became the basis for the universally used patterns.
Handy way of making awesome unique patterns is to take elements right from the map
Solvychegodsk map today
  1. This
Found some salt out there:
Left-to-right: Maria Chernykh, Kate Antoshkina, Anna Fofanova (minister of culture) and Maxim Chernykh
  • Natalia Rybalchenko
    Brand strategist, researcher
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art director, designer
  • Katya Antoshkina
  • Maxim Chernykh,
    Maria Chernykh
    Thanks for support and
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