Krasnoborsk District

Into the realm of mushrooms and 3 local paintings

Krasnoborsk is one of six municiples that participated in Severnoe Trekhrechie association and is located on the road from Kotlas to the south-eastern transport hub, which is Kotlas. After volunteerily unifying with five other municiples, the association got a single brand, which we had developed back in 2018. Later, Krasnoborsk District administration asked us to come and visit touristic locations around the location and held a strategic session afterwards. We happily agreed, took our son Aleksander with us for the school holidays and came for a one-week visit to Krasnoborsk and had lots of fun. The resulting report was later put online for detailed examinations of the community.

Client: Krasnoborsky historical and memorial art museum on behalf of Krasnoborsk okrug administration

Work: research, strategic session

Only two locations inside Severnoe Trekhrechie had been interested in the further detailed research and called us: Krasnoborsk and Solvychegodsk.
Natalia Rybalchenko
The first result was helding a strategic session in the museum of Krasnoborsk. After the short slideshow presentation of our current visit we've switched to discussion with the residents.
The resulting strategic session held in the museum with Krasnoborsk residents. To the left is Natalia Rybalchenko and to the right is our son, Aleksander
Following the Severnoe Trekhrechie logo creation, we've made a special symbol for Krasnoborsky district featuring Sirin bird in the traditional painting style.
Sirin bird sits on the Krasnoborsk logo
Krasnoborsk map
According to map design guidelines, the scaled up map of the Krasnoborsky District had been made with specifying particular points of interest on the map that we've visited.
Krasnoborsky District map designed, using Severnoe Trekhrechie guidelines
Krasnoborsk report website
The final result is the well documented and structured list of recommendations written in the clear freeform, as we prefer the most. We've put it online for further convenient examinations of all participants.
Krasnoborsk report is accessible online and archived as of 2024
The patriots of the north from left-to-right: Igor Makovsky and Natalia Rybalchenko
  • Natalia Rybalchenko
    Brand strategist, researcher
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art director, designer
  • Aleksander Rybalchenko
    Expert on child tourism
  • Svetlana Zenovskaya,
    Veronika Yanichek
    Thanks for support
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