Pinezhie maps
Firmly tied tourist maps for Pinezhie brand
Pinezhie is the municipality to the East in Arkhangelsk Oblast, that puts together a set of places situated on the banks of Pinega river. Logistic specifics devides them into two separated locations. One is the downstream of Pinega river with Pinega settlement and Karpogory set of villages in the upstream. Lack of straight roads and history pecularities make relations between the two unstable. That spoils the unified perception of the municipality and brings new challenges to development. That's why our team had been called for helping solving the problem of unification with the single brand.

Client: Ministry of Culture of Arkhangelsk Oblast

Work: maps

2019, 2021, 2024
The map, that could visually unify both locations is crucial for the brand and potentially stays its primary manifest. That's why we had been constantly enhancing it 5 years since launching the project in 2019.
Igor Makovsky
Major Pinezhie map
This is the map, that covers it all. Design is based on the brand idea: "Everything will tie up", where the main role goes to the idea of using local waistbands and laces, that tie up into one single composition.
Pinezhie map turned geographically correct in 2024. Designer: Katya Semenova, art-director: Igor Makovsky
Lesser Pinezhie maps
Whenever lesser settlements improve tourist infrastructure and get new attractors, they get their own maps. As of 2024 we have 5 of them for Pinega, Karpogory, Verkola, Sura and Erkino.
Karpogory Map
Pinega Map
Verkola Map
Sura Map
Erkino Map
Horizontal maps
Everything has started with the horizontal map of the whole Pinezhie. It was designed in the shape of the script and it was fun to get it as a souvenier, yet not so comfortable to match with the real geographic orientation. Not to mention problems with production.
Pinezhie map in a shape of a script (made in 2019, designer Igor Makovsky). Effective, but not convinient for tourists.
The longest map we've made is firmly tied in Pinezhie
Maps today
These maps are widely used everywhere across tourist festivals, as well as in wayfinding purposes and just for fun, for those who couldn't imagine a map can appear so lengthy.
Maps became that thing that could describe the brand idea way better than the words. You show it to the tourists and they immediately catch the idea of what Pinezhie is all about.
Tatiana Shilina
  • Natalia Rybalchenko
    Brand strategist, researcher
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art director, designer
  • Kate Antoshkina
    Designer (since 2021)
  • Kate Semenova
    Designer (since 2024)
  • Oleg Matsuev
    Epyphany type designer
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