Taimyr Brand
Arctic Tourist Cluster branding and relative projects
Taimyr Peninsula is outstandingly unusual enticing territory on the northern edge of Siberia and Krasnoyarsk Region in Russia with famous industrial Norilsk as its center and Dolgano Nenetsky Municipal Region around. Overflown with heroic explorations history and harsh soviet era northernmost docks on the northest part and endless Putorana Plateau on the south. Ambigious relations between the Norilsk residents and the national local people, living a nomad life around. Place that was counted as a technological center made its way to tourism with launching a tourist arctic cluster. We've been asked to create a brand for it.

Client: Norilsk Development Agency

Research, branding, social collaboration with entrepreneurs,
expo design

2019 … 2023
We had been asked to make a full-cycle branding, that included: research, social contribution with business, branding, design and further support with festival and exhibition designs.
Looking ahead, this is what Taimyr is all about in one bright video, that was made for the 2024 MITT expo.
Taimyr landscapes has something worth looking at
The beginning
The most inspiring part of our job. We came and spent a week in Norilsk, Dudinka and even visited Plateau Putorana. Agency have organized all the meetings, so we had pretty tight timeline. You meet active people, ask them their thoughts, plans and opinion on territory they are living on.
Photo by Paul
Photo by Lea
Photo by Fabrice
Photo by Alex
Photo by Adam
Photo by Arnaud
Photo by Leopold
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Photo by Tiana
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What brand must cure
  1. No brand at all (predictable)
  2. No association with Arctic, who could've guess
  3. No signle perception of the territory among residents
What shall we do for it
  1. Create primary brand, that could fit subbrands under one roof
  2. Being unique and relative to the territory
  3. Be a part of Arctic which is mentally (and politically) important
  4. Be open to the common public and tell them about the place
  5. Entrepreneurs. Involve local business in creative process
Brand mission
Our big idea
  1. Give people a powerful tool for self-reset, before making important decisions. The opportunity to be more authentic, honest and brave.
  2. Talk about Arctic in the context of Taymyr and actualize heroic stories of its exploring.
Brand personality
If it was a person
  1. Trailblazer
  2. Gusting and agile
  3. Сonfident, not striving for everybody's love
  4. Manly and full of energy
  5. Arctic avangard
Taimyr is far, expensive, and difficult, but it's a place that will change you forever. You can go down a mine, visit the Putorana Plateau, see the nomad camps, walk along the frozen Volochanka River at minus 40 degrees, and you will definitely come back a different person. It's all about emphasizing the diversity of emotions and experiences in every possible way. This is the factor of purification and transformation.
Sharp, red dynamic arrow, heading ahead. Plain and simple, without compromises. Here is it and some descriptions why below:
Taimyr logo (be careful with sharp edges, please)
  • Monumental aesthetics.
  • The legacy of the constructivist era. The red square as the main dynamic element that was used by avant-garde artists at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • The strongest wind, creating dynamics, changing, shifting, bringing something new, disrupting static.
  • Sharp forms of ice from the cold seas washing the territory of Taymyr and the famous ice road in Dudinka.
  • The red arrow indicating north is an essential symbol for orientation on the terrain and an indispensable tool for cartographers.
  • The color of the red-beaked red-breasted goose is recognizable far beyond the borders of Taymyr.
  • The red diamond as an element is inspired by the ornamentation of the indigenous peoples of the Taymyr Peninsula.
  • The geometric plan of Norilsk is a carefully crafted master plan with strict architectural clarity and a distinctive slope.
Short and clear, no excuses. You've heard it: there is no way back from Taimyr. At least the same as you before. Taimyr — changes you.
Taimyr slogans have changed you right now
It's the font that makes it all. Awesome Contrast Foundry and Maria Doreuli made a special taimyr version that suits perfectly in the taimyr atmosphere
CoFo Peshka by Contrast Foundry in action
Destinations and illustrations
Set of low-poly volumetric illustrations fit perfectly like a piles into the frozen norilsk ground to demonstrate the pecularities of tourist destinations.
Norilsk set of illustrations is for industrial part
Dudinka set of illustrations is for ethnic story
Geometrical and sharp, adviced to wear gloves not to cut your hands with ice.
Map of Taimyr as seen from the low-quality print
All the information is accumulated on the discover-taimyr.ru official Taimyr tourism web.
Theme magazine
All the information is pulling towards the magazine, being published by the Norilsk Development Center team.
Attraction towards Taimyr magazine
Changes in real life
Visual communication is intensively presented on international exhibitions in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk and Norilsk as of 2023, like MITT
Tourists do love our brand and use it for design terms of their activities of any kind
People love our taimyr merch. Shirts, hoodies, skirts and all kind of stuff useful for travelling in extreme conditions
Interactive console asks all the guests at the airports for improving statistics
Entrepreneurs make use of brandbook for their personal designs. Arctic Parfume by Mr. Bollex Woodmurt is one of the first who changed from a mine worker to a parfume sensation
Brand used in wayfinding purposes across Taimyr resorts. Here is an example of Ol'gul all-season resort
Tourist transport branding projects
Bloggers and celebrities had been noted in getting in touch with the brand
Multilangual usecases, like this one from chinese presentation
Promo events use our branding, like this expedition to Pronchisheva Bay in august 2020
Branded games are published that could play an important role with our logo
Like any product, Arctic tourism in Taymyr needs a strong brand. To create it, the Norilsk Development Agency has brought in experts. For over a year, they have traveled through our region, delving into the meanings and philosophy of the territory, communicating with those who have long lived in Taymyr and those who have visited us as guests. The colors and geometry of the brand reflect an understanding of the culture of the indigenous peoples of Taymyr, its history, and geography. And if you examine the brand book in detail, which contains over 100 pages, it becomes clear how deeply our experts and designers have studied Taymyr.
Maksim Mironov
Taimyr changes the media space
  1. Discover-taimyr.ru — official everchanging taimyr tourism webpage
  2. Agency of Norilsk Development official webpage and vk
  3. Attraction of Taimyr magazine is an awesome source of information (in pdf)
  • Natalia Makovsky
    Brand strategy
  • Maria Koroleva
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art direction, designer
  • Contrast Foundry
    Type foundry
  • Olga Shanina-Zubkova
  • Michael Smolyanov
    3d visuals
  • Thanks to Vadim Mamontov and whole Russia Discovery Team, Dmitry Gusev, Nadezhda Zamyatina and Ekaterina Barinova
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