In the Middle of Taimyr 2023
Domestic taimyr tourism expo in Norilsk
In 2023 Taimyr invited all the guests to Norilsk for a whole week-length tourist festival. It consisted of two main parts mostly — the mass oriented one took place in Arena mall, the largest in Norilsk. The business forum took place in the northernmost Drama Theater. We've been working on both events. Tl;dr — here is short video about it and here is a fancy landing.

Client: Norilsk Development Agency

Work: design, prepress

The main design heavily inspired by the floor tiles from the Arena mall that luckily suited out Taimyr brand guidelines created in 2019. Round design with a hollow center inspired us to find the best idea for an expo title: "In the Middle of Taimyr".

Have to admit, that before 2023 the Taimyr brand played nice in expo events focused mostly for the outer audience in Moscow. At the same time, it wasn't presented for the demanding local residents. So it was a game-changing event and we had a nice chance to present the idea for the Norilsk people. Design became even more taimyrish and graphically strong:

Who's behind these awesome floor tile design in the Arena Mall?
There were more than 35 business participants on the expo. Each with his personal logo, that had little to nothing in common with the others. So typical in our work. It was obvious that we had to dress them in a look-a-like single family design system. Mostly to our surprise only a few ones disliked the result, though we're not sure if any of these businesses had been interested in using this design for their personal needs after the event. To be honest, we're even not sure if they had been told that they even can do it.
Wayfinding is important. These stickers have reminded our visitors that they're always present in the very center of the decision-making point:
Here is it — the center of Taimyr with a concept of a scene and a compass both. Overpriced production and not safe for the visitors, too — yet looked cool. The final result will have a modest look, with a more common scene structure, but the idea of a compass remained intact.
Plenty of Norilsk residents honestly declared that it was their first time they've heard of the Taimyr branding. To be honest, this event hasn't changed much — people haven't perceived it as their local identity, but just than an another stylish expo style. Bitterly admit that it's a sign of an unmet goals, set in the beginning of all.

Why? Lack of marketing, communicating and low financing transformed the branding in just an expo design even after 3 years of usage since creating.
The event was widely presented across media with over 30.000 guests involved. The largest contact between brand meanings and people.
Anastasia Korol
  • Aleksander Omelchenko
    Project manager
  • Natalia Makovsky
    Brand strategy
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art direction, designer
  • Lia Chernysheva
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