Taimyr MITT stand 2022
Sharp and chillingly frozen expo stand design
MITT is the annual International Tourism and Hospitality expo, held in Moscow. This is the third architectural project we've been working on for Taimyr, unleashing the potential of the previously created touristic brand and philosophy.

This time it's the largest area and the most complex requirements with the real ice and the large monumental iron constructions meet each other right in the expo stand in Moscow spring 2022.

Client: Norilsk Development Agency

Work: idea, architecture, design

Sharp as the shred of ice, strong as Norilsk permafrost building technologies mixed with pure energy of Norilsk people come to MITT the second time in a row. There were concerns about the whole event and we were afraid it won't help, yet Norilsk team get used to face the difficulties. The results are purely overwhelming! This video says it all:
Architectureal idea is about the collision of the natural beauty, that represented by the ice structure with the industrial part, which is a red and massive brutal farm. Both strengths change each other and that's the core concept of the brand itself — Taimyr changes you when you meet. More details from Olga and Kirill in the video below:
All the participants' personal brands had been redesigned to perfectly fit into the core Taimyr brand. These stickers were placed on the tables, where the teams presented their services to the public.
We had been engaged into the construction phase, which is important. The most problematic challenge was ice that tend to melt and could soak the hell of all the electronics and the floor that covers it. Olga, our wonderful architect, shows technicians what is most important of all. Spoiler: everything is. The metallic pallet is for collecting water.
This is how it looked in real life. To be honest, I didn't expect it to look so awesome. I was proud!
Our stand was officialy noted as the most creative one at MITT-2022. According to the results of 2021, the tourist flow increased by 72% — up to 9611 people, and the volume of investments — up to 5.3 billion rubles
Anastasia Korol
Left-to-right: Kirill Bair, Olga Shanina-Zubkova, Dmitry Zubkov, Igor Makovsky, Katerina Antoshkina, Natalia Makovsky
  • Aleksander Omelchenko
    Project manager
  • Natalia Makovsky
    Brand strategy
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art direction, designer
  • Olga Shanina-Zubkova
  • Dmitry Zubkov
  • Michael Smolyanov
    3d visuals
  • Kirill Bair
    Ice sculptor
  • Thanks to the whole Norilsk Development Agency team
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