Ol'Gul Resort
All-season resort redesign
Ol'Gul is a well-known resort in Norilsk where all the town residents like to spend time in an active vibe. It actively engaged in Agency Cluster progam and was willing to cooperate in innovative and renewable projects, to begin with redesign and wayfinding system. We had been asked to implement the Taimyr brand in its design. It always starts with a logo.

Client: Norilsk Development Agency

Work: design, graffiti design, wayfinding, map

But not this time, Ol'Gul logo was made in the last time. Sport complex felt moraly outdating and it was difficult to navigate inside, so we started off with a few interior maps.
Followed by creating an icon design system:
Than moved outside and up to the map for a ski track:
For a long time, the Ol-Gul base was associated by Norilsk residents only with skiing vacations. Today it is getting a second birth, expanding the range of activities provided. The big transformation will last for several years, the base will become a major tourist center where every guest will find hobbies to their liking, both in winter and summer.
Polina Kisileva

  • Natalia Makovsky
    Brand strategy
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art direction, designer
  • Thanks to the whole Norilsk Development Agency team
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