Enisei Expo in Krasnoyarsk
Architecture and design for an expo stand, 2021
Annual Enisei international tourist expo in Krasnoyarsk is important showcase for siberian people interested in tourist development. Taimyr first appearance here was an overkilled sensation with their brand new stand that we carefully designed and constructed. Please excuse us, there will be no fancy photos today sadly.

Client: Agency of Norilsk Development

Work: idea, architecture, design

Every Taimyr expo design starts from skratch and the idea, without usage of readymade materials and templates. This time we played around the idea of ice that covers up Enisei river in winter.

There are two separate energies pointed at each other: the industrial one (red) and the nature (blue). The classical national nomad house choom is upgraded to a geometrical abstract figure with a lightning show inside. Here are some early concepts that we like.
Some refined illustrations for a cutting-edge laser engravings on the transparent windows for your pleasure.
  • Aleksander Omelchenko
    Project manager
  • Natalia Makovsky
    Brand strategy
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art direction, designer
  • Olga Shanina-Zubkova
  • Dmitry Zubkov
  • Michael Smolyanov
    3d visuals
  • Thanks to the whole Norilsk Development Agency team
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