Taimyr MITT stand 2021
Design and architecture of an expo stand with floating icebergs
Way to Moscow International Tourism Exhibition was not straightforward for Taimyr. We've been making it a year ago but covid has changed everybody's plans in 2020, so the whole event had been rescheduled to the next one instead. The whole construction could've messed up while waiting, but we weren't the ones who faced the same problem in the same fucking year.

Client: Norilsk Development Agency

Work: idea, architecture, design

2020 … 2021
For the first appearance, we wanted to show the triumph of the sharpest design we've ever made. Mirrors, iceshards, floating icebergs. The stand was truly unbelieveable piece of art. Watch your head and prepare for the changes.
This is the way from the first handdrawn sketch to something more applicable and understandable for the exhibition and technician crew to imagine what beauty they will have. MITT has pretty strict laws on what can be built so we had to choose materials and the way it all connects carefully. We got great experience.
As we wrote before, covid started and the final result was like this. Held in the warehouse. We already thought that all the work had been gone and still remain unnoticed. Photos from the workshop it is:
And this is how it all looked 1 year since, in 2021, when masks had to be worn on the chin only. I couldn't believe my eyes, we've made it through covid. Young Mark, our son, has made it to Taimyr for the first time in his late 8 months, no matter it happened in Moscow.
Some photos in the gallery were taken from news.sgnorilsk.ru
We, at the Norilsk Development Agency, had been inspired to connect entrepreneurns from Norilsk directly to the service recepients on such great platform. Our first try was definately success.
Anastasia Korol
  • Aleksander Omelchenko
    Project manager
  • Natalia Makovsky
    Brand strategy
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art direction, designer
  • Olga Shanina-Zubkova
  • Dmitry Zubkov
  • Michael Smolyanov
    3d visuals
  • Thanks to the whole Norilsk Development Agency team
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Taimyr MITT stand 2021
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