Samovar museum
in Cherepovets
Samovar catalogue full of love
Warm childhood memories of the museum founder has became the boiling point in his life. He began collecting antiques with a focus on samovars, and later published a whole book of them which was released in conjuction to opening a private museum in Cherepovets and, later, Kirovsk. We had been working under the catalogue book that has became the symbol of the museum since the great opening.
Client: Entrepreneur from Cherepovets

Work: photoset, book design, branding, print

2014 … 2018
A few photos from above had been taken from
This was the most prolongated project we can remember. It took more than 4 years to take a photo of one and every exhibit, then to catalog them, describe and publish in printing and online format. Not because we were slow-pokey, but because the exhibition constantly grew.
Taking photos
Nastya Obudenkova, our perfect team researcher, showed herself brilliantly in a role of a photographer, who had been travelling from Cherepovets to Kirovsk several times to take photo of the whole separated collection. Those who know, taking photos of shiny surfaces is very tough.
Publishing a book
The whole collection was overly large to fit in a book and we didn't want it to look like a collection catalogue, rather than a beautiful edition for the true connoisseurs. It meant to make accents on details, describe them accurately and in some ways, artistically.
There is nothing but a samovar pattern on the book cover. Title was printed additionally on the paper.
Launching online catalogue
The book became a desirable souvenir, yet very limited. Many people has been eager to buy it and the edition soon went to an end. Our initiative to keep up with the times and share the collection worldwide has resulted in another iteration of taking photos of the new portion of antiques with total of up to 1400 pieces. And that is not only taking a photoset, it is also the need to describe every one and put it in the website structure.
Nothing can beat the clear interface in the catalogue with 1400 items
Exploring antique collection lying down with a mobile was never so comfortable before
Creating merch
The awesome pattern that we've made for the book cover inspired us on creating a set of souvenirs for the museum and those who've lost the chance getting a book.
Seamless samovar pattern looks perfect on, say, everything
Samovar museums today
Water is boiling, samovars are shining, guests are coming, doors are open. Be sure to sign up in advance for doors to actually open for you, whilst this museum works on request only.
Where to find more information:
  • Natalia Rybalchenko
    Concept, idea, photographer
  • Marina Zimoglyad
    Book design
  • Nastya Obudenkova
  • Michael Baru
  • Marina Ponomareva
    Content, editor
  • Igor Makovsky
  • Philip Kazakov
  • Brownfox type foundry
    Gerbera font
  • Oleg Matsuev
    Mamontov font
  • Chuvashia
    Publishing house
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