Sarapul map
Randevouz with the town of the ginger girl
Sarapul is the increbible merchant town on the bank of the Kama river in Udmurt Republic which is famous for its Art Nouveau architecture. Little people know how wonderful this town is and what a wonderful historical center of it looks like. We truly believe, that it is highly underestimated and had been requested to change the situation and work on its tourist idea.

Client: Udmurt Cluster Development Center

Work: visit, research, copywriting, branding, map design, merch

2017 … 2018
A few years ago before the project begun, Sarapul already got an official logo for administration, that was absolutely boring, both inside and outside. We had been asked to find a creative tourist idea for the town, giving more catchy emotions of what town idea might look like.

Sarapul logo
Sarapul is one of three towns in Udmurtia, that tourists tend to visit, because of their close location to each other. There are Votkinsk (Tchaikovsky museum), Izhevsk (Capital of the region, plant town) and Sarapul.
Polina Pavlova
Randevous with Sarapul
Research began with inviting a number of Sarapul residents to the administration and asking them a question on their thoughts about Sarapul. Business, social organizations, administration, the head of town, you name it. We've devided them into 4 teams to work with. Each one has worked out one concept:
  • Capital of weddings

    The most beautiful registy office for weddings in the whole Udmurtia, that's for sure, no discussions (fully restored building in Art Noveau style)
    1. Wedding brand
    2. Town of love
  • Samobranka tablecloth

    Made in Sarapul seal of quality
    1. Distillery
    2. Сonfectionery
    3. Brewing
    4. Bakery
  • Women on Kama

    Famous statement based on women, who lived here:
    1. Nadezhda Durova (russian cavalry officer)
    2. Antonia Palshina (took part in WW1)
  • Merchants and inventions

    Merchant town with Art Noveau architecture
Love won it all. The unified idea I suggested was sounded exactly like this: "The date in a perfect scenery". To begin with love that comes from the first date in a cinematographic decorations till the ideal wedding in the old town. To end with the beauty which is both architectural and natural. Together with the residents we have found out the more accurate concept — the Randevous with the merchant town.
Natalia Rybalchenko
Randevous with the merchant town
The most defining of all is the history of the book by Lidia Budogosskaya, the local writer, who wrote about a ginger girl from Sarapul, student, who had lived in the town at the beginning of 20th century. There are many descriptions of the town buildings, life, streets and characters of that epoch. Fantastically, that all the buildings are still can be seen in the town which immediately made the book the proud core idea for the route, that could include all the places for a visit, joint by the ginger line route. This fact had became the second slogan:

Tale of a Ginger Girl by Lidia Budogosskaya, the local writer
Town of the ginger girl
Conceptual linked route helped Sarapul to pack the places of interest in a single package, wrapped around the literature book, all the residents are familiar with.
A bit from Art Noveau style, yet with modern interpretation with a heavy bias towards the detailed illustrating by Igor Makovsky. Nobody argued, that the main color would be — you've guessed it — orange.
The ginger girl character
Tourist map
A quick glance on the existed map of Sarapul is enough to see the square-like structure of the town.
This is the map we got. Its dimensions are limited by the route with the pier (1) as the rightmost point and the library (12) to the left. Northbound and southbouds cropped accordingly.
Map of Sarapul in all its glory
Closer look on illustrations
Mixed up illustrations for a closer look. Location of the objects and the order of their appearance is random. See map above for the real one.
Drawing illustration took me approximately 4-5 months. Mixed with tons of other art directors' and designer's works, sure.
Igor Makovsky
Sweet collab with the confectionery factory
Unexpected joy — the interest in the map, expressed by the local Sarapul confectionery factory. We had an audience with the director, here are is interview with director and the PR-director.
Box of ginger sweets with the taste of the oranges
We liked how they wrapped a candy into the orange paper
Book release
Wonderful project by Tatyana Artyukhina and Oleg Golubev, Sarapul-based artist. Have tried their best to fit into the brand guidelines. As a result, the brand new release of an old classic book.
It is especially gratifying, when the local residents start creating things without your knowledge, hard as they can. Always pleasant, yet I sometimes can be too judging.
Igor Makovsky
Randevous in real life
The strongest part of the brand is the support. The story appeared to drastically change the resident perception of their town. People do love their ginger story.
Together with the successful growth of the Udmurt Region systematic design and branding, being curated and managered by Slava Pravdzinsky, we encountered the problem of compatibility between two brands, which had different visual approach. That happens when two brands are created by different teams, time and conditions. As of 2023, they don't interfere too much, but changes are yet to be met in the future.

Udmurt Region brand (originally "made in Udmurtia")
Here I talk on the project in Sarapul four years since its release on the Skolkovo, teamed up with the head of town and his administration.
Natalia Rybalchenko
Polina Pavlova, our lovely friend and the director of the Udmurt Cluster Development Center shared with us her experience with Sarapul branding. Highly recommended video for all those, who interested in place branding and afraid of just start doing things and can't stop researching. Polina story is focused on the pre-release, rather than on the work we're faced during the realisation.
Our friend Polina on how she made it with Sarapul
Randevouz with Sarapul map in realilty
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Reactions (on yt)
  1. Sabina Kreklina, director of the local museum
  2. Elena Dedenko, director of the cafe "Ricci" (promotes the route)
  3. Ilya Kychanov, tourism advisor in Udmurtia
  4. Alexey Batanin, director of the local Sarapul confectionery factory
  5. Irina Byvaltseva, PR-director from the same factory above
  6. Polina Pavlova, head of the Udmurt Cluster Development Center
  • Polina Pavlova
    Head of the Udmurt Cluster Development Center and our lovely friend
  • Natalia Rybalchenko
    Research, concept, idea
  • Igor Makovsky
    Designer, illustrator
  • Based on Lidia Budogosskaya book "Tale of a girl with red hair"
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