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Snova cafe Snova cafe Snova
Cafe in New Jerusalem museum Cafe in New Jerusalem museum
State Museum of History and Art in New Jerusalem is situated to the north of the New Jerualem Monastery, on the opposite side of the Pilgrim's Path we've been working on recently. In 2019 the Museum had a long outdated brand that was craving for a refreshment and we dreamed to work on it. We had been asked to start small and come up with a concept of the cafe, to the left from the entrance. The further work was pretty straightforward for the cafe: concept, easy to implement graphical idea, and interior design. That was a challenge for us: we got used to work with larger scale brands.

Client: State Museum of History and Art in New Jerusalem

Work: branding, architecture

New Jerusalem Museum
New Jerusalem State Museum of History and Art (also known as the New Jerusalem Museum) is one of the largest regional museums associated with the unique monument of the Moscow region — Voznesensky New Jerusalem Monastery. Before 2013 it was located inside the walls of the Monastery and later moved on to the opposite side of the Istra river in a modern style by architect Vasily Lukomsky, partly hidden underground the hill and covered with nature terrain. Now it is one of the largest museums in the whole Russia. Much of its collection is somehow connected with the monastery history, yet secular exhibitions are held also.
New Cafe in New Jerusalem
When we speak about cafe, it all lies in the plain of legends, smart or beautiful, like the winery. Our concept was to mix half the term of cyclicality of life and cafe drinking culture with half of the innovations. Hard to ignore the close proximity of the New Jerusalem story on Nikon the innovator.
Coffee anew (Снова кофе)
Design in New Jerusalem
Fibonacci beauty is the core graphical concept here. It symbolises the endless way of innovations and the cups of coffee drunk. All is uplifted on to the universal level of philosophical innovations.
  • Patriarch Nikon innovative views on religion, who was founder of the New Jerusalem monastery
  • Innovative New Museum architecture and concept by Vasily Lukomsky
  • Recursive recursive recursive
  • Spiral universe
  • Fibonacci spiral
  • Cyclicality of coffee drinking culture
  • Just a spiral cinnamon
Fibonacci logo
Logo is simply just a repeated word coffee in a spiral fibonacci like structure. The same element represents everything in the identity: both the logo and the only design element.
Snova coffee logo
With only using one single element it makes designing process a piece of cake. That's without any extra illusrtrations and such.
We especially liked menus. Clean and simple:
Interior design
We asked our partners, who work with author projects to help with the interior ideas and the bar counter design. The result was non-standard. Probably too non-standard that was needed and we had wasted a lot of time on this work, that spoiled everything, sadly.
Natalia, what have I done to you, to get all this in this time?
Vasily Kuznetsov
New cafe has opened which is great. Bad news is that it's opened totally nonamed. That's a real shame, that the terminal miscommunication on the productional stage, perfectionism and lack of productional finances failed the project that could've been innovative enough for attracting new visitors.
  • Vasily Kuznetsov
    Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Moscow Region and the Head of Museum (as of 2019)
  • Natalia Rybalchenko
    Brand Strategist
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art direction, designer
  • Dmitry Zubkov
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Snova cafe Snova cafe Snova
Cafe in New Jerusalem museum Cafe in New Jerusalem museum
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