5 Perm municiples
5 municiples in 5 days to visit and inspire
When you speak about place branding in Russia then you would obviously remember Perm with its great Cultural Revolution, that started it all. We've all been there, getting many friends, arguing and discussing things on developing regions. Revolutions come and go, yet friends tend to stay. When the revolution ended, nothing stopped just moved forward. Perm tourist center asked our team to come and visit 5 municiples in Perm Region. One day per one place which included quick study, getting insights, sharing thoughts on round-table with administration on branding and all the things we're typically willing to talk.

Client: Perm tourist center

Work: visit, design, illustrating

Our task was to inspire municiples to start thinking branding, help them find the ideas for the further work. Inspiration is very important because it's always starting at zero point. The most difficult is to start moving something that was standing still.
Natalia Rybalchenko
Day one to inspire Ilyinsky
No surprises here: Stroganov cuisine, iconography arcthitecture is what attracts residents most of all. Landscapes, forest as a background.
Stroganov cluster, day 1
Day two to inspire Suksun
We were fascinated by the carrot tea, that is like a Schrödinger carrot tea: it exists, though tourists can't get it. "Klyuchi" resort nowhere connected with the region and many potential tourist attractions are not equipped with so much needed infrastructure.
Suksun and the tea party, day 2
Day three to inspire Ocher
Park of the Permian Period is successful brand that the whole Perm region uses widely was born here, leaving Ocher almost empty of its potential. We could hardly find any information in the internet about this place before. People are afraid to associate with the dinosaurs only, so another "count civilisation" topic appeared, which sounds more, to say, noble.
Ocher and the Perm period, day 3
Day four to inspire Usolie
Idea of a phoenix, reborn from ashes, received the strongest response from the audience. The residents perceive themselves as those who constantly have to defend and protect themselves. Graphicaly speaking, it is tilework. The theme of salt is not as strong as in other salt-oriented towns, like Solvychegodsk.
Day five to inspire Tchaikovsky
The most valuable part of town is the active, energetic and rebellious community, as the call themselves. There is no lack of ideas and at this point it is always important to act according to the single vector. If to speak about the balance of ideas, it will be sport vs music. We thought of something like "dare to be intellectual". If to speak about Tchaikovsky, then it's better to act together with Votkinsk and Klin, that are connected with him also.
Such inspiring roundtables are very important for getting easy with the communities. Here are some feedback that we got.
  • This practice is very beneficial. It's great that we're not just listeners, but are involved in the process. With narrow-mindedness, we often overlook many things, Stroganov seems too ordinary to us, we don't see much, and you help us look at familiar things in a new way.
    Svetlana Trapeznikova
    Director of Ilyinky library
  • You have given us direction, a set of actions, and examples. Everything started to become clear in my mind, and now I will approach my work in a different way. What was obvious to us, but we couldn't pay attention to or systematize, you turned into action in just a few minutes. I would like this to have a continuation.
    Tatiana Minina
    Cultural center director in Ilyinskoe
  • There should be platforms for discussion, and someone needs to motivate us from the outside. Yesterday we were not yet partners, but today it turns out that we have common points of contact.
    Larisa Petrova
    Deputy Head of Administration for Economic Affairs
  • It's useful that it was specifically about us, that outsiders showed how we look.
    Vera Lvova
    Deputy Head of the Ilyinsky Municipal District for Social Issues
Recommendations are pretty much the same as everywhere: wayfinding systems, tourist maps and routes with the united and talented design, that corresponds both with the community and the place.
Left-to-right: Nastya Obudenkova, Natalia Rybalchenko, Elena Shperkina
  • Natalia Makovsky
    Brand strategist
  • Igor Makovsky
  • Nastya Obudenkova
    Journalist, media
  • Elena Shperkina
    Tourist operator Valida
  • Gunay Musaeva
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