Desnogorsk 100%
100% best winner nuclear town branding
Rosatom is taking care of 21 towns in Russia and has many social projects to keep people in a healthy and happy condition. In 2019, Rosatom launched a branding initiative for all the towns and asked a few town experts to help with consulting needs. We've got two: Kurchatov and Desnogorsk. Plan was to make a quickie town branding without all those typical long-term researches, community educations, lots of variants, discussions, reflexions. When it came to visit Desnogorsk and our personal meeting with administration, we've been told that the goal of the brand was pure and simple:

Client: Rosatom

Work: research, branding, design

Our brand should be the best one. We must win.
Natalia Barkhanoeva
No problems, you said that. Actually, Smolensk oblast is all about history of severe battles, bravery and victories. When you visit Smolensk or nearby territory, you'll always face some militancy. People here are taught to learn on histories of valiant victories of the past, watching proudly into the future. Desnogorsk is unexpectadly upholds this timid theory of us.
We moved to Desnogorsk right the same day we left Kurchatov, another nuclear town of Rosatom we've been working on. Desnogorsk met us with the vast water reservoir the town is washed on. Smolensk nuclear station is built upon its shores.
We always take our time on visiting and taking our time on communication with the residents and collecting our own impressions on catching insights from the territory we're working with
Natalia Rybalchenko
We spent several days in Desnogorsk. It was enough to meet the town administration who weren't lucky enough to go on a vacation in july. We met involved and and attentive museum staff, almost malfunctioned the nuclear station training center, had a meeting with local business, held a roundtable discussion with residents and shook hands with the town head, promised him to ultimately make the best branding in the whole Rosatom universe.
It's all in numbers
If you deal with nuclear energy, you can't go wrong with the numbers. People in Desnogorsk see the world around from the perspective of the nuclear worker:
100% sure
  1. Desnogorsk has neighborhood naming, so does the streets. Proud nuclear worker lives in the 5th neighborhood, on the 2nd street, in the 3rd house and would be happy about it.
  2. Trust numbers and you're good to go
  3. People are into sports where win is the only strategy and the score is most important of all
  4. Less words, more digits
  5. Green number color is good, red one is bad
  6. Technical and mathematical minds
  7. Higher number of IQ
  8. No excuses, not accepting errors
  9. No time for loosers, cause we're the champions
100% of them
  1. Accept no errors
  2. Accept no excuses
  3. We're the youngest town in the whole Smolensk oblast
  4. It can be yes or no, there's no in between
  5. Always hope for the best in all the things
  6. No time for loosers
  7. Cause we're the champions
  1. No extra words
  2. Logo and slogan has no words, like the town
  3. One hundred percent sure about everything
  4. Fully charged energy
  5. Thunder is a symbol of energy
  6. Green is for ecology and reliability
Desnogorsk 100%
The idea got me the same day we visited Desnogorsk. After the whole day of communicating I got to the hotel dead tired with a dead iPhone. I've put it on charge and felt asleep. A few hours I woke up fully recharged. Same is my iPhone. That was the fastest insight I got.
Igor Makovsky
Digital branding
Truly laconic and brilliant logo, probably one of the most accurate and precise that we made in digital.
When there are too many brand values
Athletic town branding
Young people used to shorten up the town name to DSN letters and use them instead, so we made special branding right for them. Brief and 100% clear.
It's all about certainty
Communication strategy follows the same topic across all the communication topics. Maybe, the answers are pretty predictable, after all, but who cares if they're 100% sure.
— Do you think she loves me?
— 100%
— Shall we win?
— 100%
— Is the Desnogorsk the best place to live and work?
— 100%
— Will the weather be ok in the weekend?
— 100%
Will you be ok?
Showcase 100%
It was called an official brand presentation on the special event in Rosatom headquarters, yet we'd better call it a stand-up perfomance of the town head with a well-prepared speech and applause by the end. Also it was a good day to grab some Desnogorsk merch, because we have a humble guess that it was the last time anybody could ever see it.
Another one example of how good boys and girls don't have to repeat others mistakes. Brands that have been requested from above the corporate giant company can't be loved without proper financial support and real purposes. Maybe, there were no such purposes, rather than show it for the hq. Might be, it wasn't well manifested across the residents, maybe they just do not need it. We hope, that Desnogorsk, as a well-developed nuclear town once will return its focus to the developed brand we carefully created in 2019.
Natalia Rybalchenko
Left-to-right: Natalia Rybalchenko, Igor Makovsky and Natalia Barkhanoeva, the DSN brand manager
  • Natalia Makovsky
    Brand strategy, research
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art direction, designer
  • Natalia Barkhanoeva
    Desnogorsk brand manager
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