Ogurets restaurant
Local cousine restaurant in Suzdal with a scent of khrenovukha
One of the most famous holidays in Suzdal is Cucumber Day (we'd call it Ogurets Day in this article, so it sound similiar to russian). Suzdal residents celebrate the Day of the Ogurets, but there had been no special place to celebrate it. Together with the entrepreneur and the former head of Suzdal, who was behind the Suzdal brand creation, we helped to create a memorable restaurant "Ogurets" in Suzdal, where you can celebrate this holiday in the remaining 364 days. Since its opening, it became one of the most legendary restaurants in Suzdal, worth to visit.

Client: Entrepreneur and the former head of Suzdal, Igor Erikovich Kekhter

Work: branding, design, illustrations

Ogurets restaurant, farm store, cafe all in one
  • Restaurant

    42 seats
  • Cafe

    24 seats
  • Farm shop

    Local farmers sell their goods
  • Banquet hall

    24 seats
  • Cooking studio

    Live streaming, invited bloggers
  • Terrace

    Summer only
  • Garden

    The own garden for growing local foods
  • Events

    Master-classes, events
Here you should definitely try pearl porridge with duck cooked in a pot, and drink it with a shot of cucumber juice infused with own pickles. We love creating projects with local businesses about local gastronomic specialties in the places.
Natalia Rybalchenko
Ogurets identity is mostly handmade, as well and represents a good example of lettering, like most of our early works.
There are changes between two patterns: the one from cafe and the one from the restaurant.
  • Cafe

    1. Bright
    2. Childish
  • Restaurant

    1. Less vivid colors
    2. More calm
Design is heavily relied on font design, here are the most demonstrative examples.
All the elements shown above, are excellently combined together on the restaurant merch
Ogurets restaurant merch uses patterns and illustrations together
The most notorious source of information. Official Ogurets farmer restaurant website worth to visit.
Ogurets website offers you to check for local farmer foods
Brand projects
Set of packaged and branded local products "made in Suzdal" could be bought in Ogurets shop, as well. Team is especially proud of the gingerbreads, stuffed with a few unusual tastes.
Ogurets in real life
Pickle restaurant became the must-visit place in Suzdal and you can hardly find a free place without booking one beforehead.
Ogurets references in media:
  • Igor Kekhter
    Project leader
  • Natalia Rybalchenko
    Brand strategist, concept
  • Ivan Vetrov
    Art direction, designer
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