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This is the very special project for our team and Natalia especially, that has became a starting point in making decision to go and start learning geobranding at Wordshop courses in Moscow. At the age of 28 Natalia already had been an author of several books, but this one was mindblowing. Seeing the disused potential of the touristic places around Moscow, Natalia saw an opportunity to became one how can not only observe, consume and describe, but rather, create and change things around. Make unforgettable brands, strategies, maps, that change lives.

Client: Eksmo publishing house

Work: text, photos

Orange guide: the Moscow Oblast is special for us
Natalia Rybalchenko graduated from the journalism department of Moscow State University and the School of Modern Art. She realizes her professional talents in writing architectural reviews and organizing exhibitions in her own gallery club. She writes guidebooks for the Eksmo publishing house and Vedomosti.Friday about traveling.
Foreword to the book (first edition, 2009)
Natalia was deeply inspired by exploration Moscow Oblast that was undervalued, like any territory that stands next to something as bright, as Moscow. She was deeply sorrowed with the condition of memorials, parks and estates that she met, imagining what a wonderful touristic places they could become with some motivation and creative spark.
Living in the very center of Moscow, she tries to escape it for a walk outside the city all the time. But being a true city resident, she cannot do without it for long. Hence her special love for the Moscow suburbs, which allows you to walk, explore, swim and sunbathe without leaving your favorite city for a long time. Now she offers you to make sure that Moscow Oblast is a whole world where there is a place for old manor parks, mysterious castles, quicksand and ultramarine lakes.
Foreword to the book (first edition, 2009)
Not to consume, but to create
Natalia was overwhelmed with the possibility to create something new, not only observe the current. May it be that Natalia was pregnant with her first son Aleksander while writing this book, or may it be the constant striving not only to describe places, yet to be an authour of new places that would be described by others lately?
Natalia Rybalchenko, the author of this guide, has traveled around the Moscow region, outside its borders and returned back, even passed her driver's license and bought her own car, feeling the desire to find something else and go somewhere else, where the reader of her materials will be surprised and delighted mouth open. Having selected from Natalia's travels only the most interesting and unusual ones, we have created a unique and incredibly useful guide. After reading it, you may want to cancel your trip to Sochi!
Foreword to the book (fourth edition, 2017)
Republishing hysteria
The book was republished several times and survived four of them. Considering the economical and social growth of the Moscow Oblast for the past ten years, the texts lost their relevance obviously and were in need of rewriting. Funny that the only thing, that is changed is the title: "Moskovskaya Oblast" transformed into "Around Moscow".
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Natalia Rybalchenko
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