Forest cuisine jam
Personal jam brand with the pine wood vibes
One of the first projects of Natalia Rybalchenko on the edge of personal curiosity, inspiration of buying a house in a pine wood and permanent love for life and people around. Goal was to find a way of producing a local product from the surrounding uncomplicated ingredients, package it and present to people, watching at their reactions. There were no great ambitious plans on maintaining this product, so Natalia was quite satisfied with making a Europe tour and finding friends among the slowfood communitiy members, who have tried this example of what a personal product could be.

Personal project under Point of Progress brand

Work: package design

Forest Cuisine key image with a logo
Local food and communication
All products are found in the Ugra National Park - a nature reserve wood in the Kaluga district, where three rivers Ugra, Zhizdra and Vyssa flow, while you can observe moose, wild boars, deers roam freely. Unique place where you can see animals from the Red Book and over a thousand plants species. Real nature, real forest, real values — we used to fit all this into our products and convey it through taste.
My communication strategy was to be open and real, without making out something that didn't exist. If not to engage people in your true ideas and entice them after, then why to waste your time on living?
Natalia Rybalchenko
Engage and entice
7 entices
There were 7 ready tastes that we've prepared and tasted, yet only of them had been released.
  • Pine cones jam
    For immune system
  • Dessert of spruce needles with cones jam
    For believing in miracles and dreaming
  • Mint and fir-tree taste
    For refreshment every day
  • Thyme jam
    For health as simple as that
  • Oregano jam
    Is for freedom
  • Linden flowers jam
    To make you happy
  • Hawthorn, rosehip and barberry jam
    To look beautiful
Torino and Milan
The ultimate culmination of the product was participation in a few european food festivals, associated with Slow food trend, that we got into.
People reactions on Europe food festivals were enough to get the emotions and time paid off totally. We had visited two: Terra Madre Salone Del Gusto 2015 in Torino, Italy and Slow Food Milano in Milan the same year. There I had been participated to the international Slow Food community, which fascinated me for long period of time.
Natalia Rybalchenko
  • Natalia Rybalchenko
    Brand strategy, research
  • Ivan Vetrov
    Art direction, designer
  • Nastya Obudenkova
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