Moscow OBLAST, Russia
New Jerusalem Pilgrim's Path
In help of a finding way to the pilgrims
New Jerusalem Monastery is situated near Istra, which is to the West from Moscow. This is one of the major monasteries in the region, and visiting is very important for both religious people and everybody, who admire the expressive and majestic architecture. It is relatively easy to get there by car, yet people who use trains could experience difficulties getting from the railway station. Helping them not to loose the right path was the main goal in creating a comfortable path with the wayfinding system and the map.

Client: Moscow Region Ministry of Culture

Work: map design, illustrations, wayfinding

The pilgrimage route map
Project had been finally presented in 2019. The pillars appeared to look outstandingly good with some of them even glowing from the inside at night time. We especially liked the teal color of the pillars.
The close-up of Voskresensky Monastery
  • Nadezhda Zhilkina
    Moscow District Vice Minister of Culture
  • Natalia Rybalchenko
    Brand Strategist
  • Igor Makovsky
    Art direction, designer
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New Jerusalem Pilgrim's Path
In help of a finding way to the pilgrims
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