Russian Gusto Fest 2014
First international food festival in Russia
Food festival of such international scale was among the first one held in Moscow Region. Core idea was to invite the best both russian and foreign chiefs to cook using the products brought by the local farmers, thus promoting them and demonstrating that the russian cousine is trendy, healty, tasty and super beautiful. The festival featured a farmer's fair, children zones and many more attractions. The festival was a governmental level event, which was attended by both officials and famous people interested in gastronomy. Everyone was called to a meal during the sunny october 11–12 in 2014.

Client: Moscow Region Ministry of Culture

Work: branding, design, illustrations

Totally handmade, homegrown, bright, fresh, tasty, with a sauce of lettering. Work of abstract art in the style of Ivan with lack of details and coarse strokes.
Plenty of bright colored identity had been prepared
Gastronomic map
This map is spreading like gravy on a wide dish with a reddish mashed tomato at its heart center.
Gastronomic map of Moscow Region
Interior spaces design
We have carefully thought out and designed the whole interior designs according to our tasty bright illustrative guidelines.
Students from the Higher School of Britain had been called to help with the lettering. Plenty of chalk and blackboards had been used the day before the official opening. 93 to be precise. Anyway, food design is better served with lettering. That was the kitchen with Ivan as the chief.
Interacive map
The same as the static one, but more calories in every pixel, recommended for everybody to explore. The website is outdated and not working anymore as of 2023, yet we have saved a video presentaion of how it worked. All the content was meant to collect during the festival itself and thus get a lot of unique information we later placed on the map to attract investors, gastro experts, restaurant chiefs and managers for exchanging information and ideas in between.
Interactive map had been expired, but you can check the presentation on youtube
Set of videos production provided us with a set of theme videos featuring invited guests and heroes: farmers and small business owners. Here is full playlist on youtube.
  • Jay Robert Clous
  • Aleksander Khodos
    Fish breeding factory no.1
  • Aleksander Pocheptsov
  • Dmitry Valigursky
  • Pavel Tarasov
  • Tatiana Vostryakova
    Director of ostrich farm
  • Danil Sokolov
    Private farm Koza Nostra
  • Yuri Privezentsev
Natalia perfomance on the stage
Every one of our projects has some philosophy we want to communicate with the help of maps, design, identity and other ways. Natalia speech was not an exception.
I was talking on the importance of the local cousine using the products that can be undervalued and grown around, because people just do not know how tasty and healthy they could be.
Natalia Rybalchenko
Natalia Rybalchenko performs on the stage
Bon appetit!
It brings bright memories and sweet-and-sour taste at the tip of the tongue just at a first glance on these photos, taken during the fesival.
Russian Gusto Русский вкус
Russian Gusto Русский вкус
Russian Gusto: how it all looked
Russian Gusto: how it all looked
Russian Gusto: how it all looked
Russian Gusto: how it all looked
Russian Gusto: how it all looked
Russian Gusto: how it all looked
Russian Gusto: how it all looked
Russian Gusto: how it all looked
Russian Gusto: how it all looked
Russian Gusto: how it all looked
  • Sergey Nadezhdin
    Sergey Didenko
    Viktor Michleson
  • Natalia
    Brand Strategist, gastro map creation, took part in exhibition
  • Ivan Vetrov
    Art direction, designer
  • Team of Britain Higher School Art Design students
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Russian Gusto Fest 2014
First international food festival in Russia
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